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The Alliance for Living and Dying Well includes core supporters for and providers of compassionate end-of-life care including: Archstone Foundation, Cottage Health System, Hospice of Santa Barbara, James S. Bower Foundation, Santa Barbara Foundation, Sarah House, St. Francis Foundation, and Visiting Nurses & Hospice Care.

The Alliance was formed with three main purposes in mind:

  • to develop and provide opportunities to foster conversations about living and dying that are supportive and feel safe — that encourage people to speak openly about the reality of death, and accept and embrace it as inextricably connected to life;
  • to cultivate a dialogue that reduces the sense of isolation felt in death and dying, and that will reduce the stress of loved ones when decisions must be made … they will know what you want; and
  • to enhance the quality and coordination of end-of-life care services in the County.


The goals of the Alliance are to help the residents of the south county Santa Barbara community to:

  • speak openly about the reality of death, and accept it and embrace it as inextricably connected to life;
  • have conversations about dying and put wishes about end-of-life care into words on paper in the form of directions
  • understand we are not alone, and the shared experience of connecting and belonging when we face death and dying together is crucial;
  • become aware of the value of and importance of working with people we love and trust to complete the 5 Wishes, an Advanced Care Directive, that clarifies our personal, emotional and spiritual needs as well as medical wishes; and
  • communicate treatment wishes through a Physicians Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) form and know that health care professionals will honor these wishes.


The Alliance conducts and supports a variety of programs and events that help facilitate people connecting with friends and loved ones in conversations about the relationship between life and death, and how to express their wishes about end-of-life care. Some of the activities being implemented with and by the Alliance include:

Family/friends events in conjunction with area faith-based organizations and retirement homes to help members and residents have conversations about their end of life wishes and advanced care directives

A local Circles of Trust® program, which is a national retreat program based on the work of Dr. Parker Palmer

Opportunities for people to see and to share their end-of-life stories as a way to reduce the sense of isolation including:

- a video which is being shown on Channel 17;
- Our Web site has stories posted on it;
- reaching out to the media through stories, calendar listings for our family nights and columns; and
- co-sponsoring a variety of conferences and community educational events related

The Calendar section of our Web site will list the opportunities the Alliance members provide to the public.

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